Looking to add some more grip to your frame and give it a custom look? We offer in house stippling. Unlike other shops, we give you the choice to have it done the way you want it without the 4 week lead time. 


Call today for info on stippling 




Preparation: All surfaces must be properly Prepped before the Cerakote process can begin. Metal pieces must soak in a bath of Brake clean before entering the Sandblaster. Then Pieces must be sandblasted between 40psi and 120psi to make the proper mating surface. Then we mask the parts that will not receive Cerakote with heat resistant tape.  

Everything must be very clean before the painting process. Some Firearm pieces will need to be Gassed out in the oven to remove and Oils that remain imbedded in the Firearm.


Paint: Everything is then Hung from hangers and metal wire. The correct ratio of Hardener is then mixed with the color of your choice. The paint is then put into a high end spray gun and the Cerakote is then applied in a even coat.

Curing: All Pieces then are placed in an oven at various temperatures depending on the type of material for a minimum of two Hours. Tape is then Removed and it is ready for reassembly.



We do not post Prices because of our custom choices/ Or lead times Vary as to what we have in the Shop

Gun Smith Fees are not included in Cost of Cerakote Job and are $65 an Hour.

Please make and appointment to come by the shop so that we can be available to assist you.